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Magnetic Foot/Ankle Brace-2 Styles

   If you have fallen arches, weak, painful, swollen, ankles or heels, or if they are stiff and aching, you need a Magnetic Foot/Ankle Brace. The foot support wraps snugly around your foot and ankle and the magnets are strategically placed to give pain relief. We have 2 styles from which you may choose.

 Features of our 2 Magnetic Ankle/Foot Braces: In common each one...
*  Therion's Patented Thermal Regulation System that maintains optimum skin comfort.- Whether you're an athlete, a weekend warrior, or simply relaxing at home -provides unmatched comfort and support at any level of activity.
*   Uses Maximum Field Integration® technology - The most effective method known in biomagnetics to optimize magnetic field strength, maximize penetration depth, and provide complete saturation of the affected area.
*  Precisely controls the movement of heat and perspiration, and dramatically increases wearability and user tolerance from only an hour or so, as with standard neoprene supports, to 24-hrs/day for an indefinite period
*  Provides a plush Inner Lining that is amazingly comfortable on the skin
* Is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear while working, or playing. It is hand-washable and should provide years of use.
* Relieves, speeds healing of Plantar Fasciitis as it reduces the inflammation.
*  Is Made in USA.
The difference in the 2 Magnetic Ankle/Foot Braces is in the strength of the magnets used, and construction.

Balance™ Magnetic Ankle Brace
Will quickly ease discomfort, speed the natural healing process and help prevent further ankle injuries. The ankle support provides welcome relief for ankle sprains, strains, arthritis and a broken ankle following cast removal. Eight (8) powerful research grade magnets, inserted at precise locations, penetrate completely through the ankle. Large, 3/4" diameter x 1/4" thick, 4,300 gauss magnets - for deep penetrating relief and more rapid healing. The special research grade ceramic material and larger size of these magnets, produce magnetic fields that are up to 8X more effective than the ceramic magnets used in other supports and up to 3X more effective than the smaller neodymium magnets that some supports use.Velcro closure easily adjusts for proper fit.
Color: Black. Made in the USA. $31.95

Balance™ Magnetic Ankle Brace $31.95

Platinum™ Magnetic Ankle Support
Reduce more serious ankle pain and swelling. Excellent relief for achilles pain, ankle tendonitis and arthritis.

Provides unmatched effectiveness for higher levels of ankle pain,swelling or tenderness due to ankle sprains, strains, fractures, tendonitis and arthritis. The ankle brace contains eight (8) large, powerful magnets.The Platinum Ankle/Foot brace provides fast relief of discomfort and has increased ability to speed healing. It uses high-energy, 12,800 gauss neodymium magnets so the magnetic field penetrates completely through the ankle and bathes the entire area in a therapeutic magnetic field. Velcro closure easily adjusts for proper fit. Platinum gray color. Made in the USA. $54.95

Therion's Platinum MTR® Ankle Support was just awarded a Bronze Medal in the 2009 GearAwards™ Therapeutic category.

Platinum™ Magnetic Ankle Support $54.95

"The Therapeutic Magnet Insert provides alternative to pain and anti-inflammatory medications and demonstrates improved relief of symptoms." Seaman, L, et. al. "A Double Blind Study Using BIOflex® Magnetic Pads…". Barry University, December, 1993.)
This magnetic foot brace is so comfortable to wear, and you can easily wear it inside your shoes.

Guarantee and Return Policy
*Guass is a unit used to measure magnetic strength. Gauss ratings are certified by the International Magnetic Therapy Association.   

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