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Therion's Balance MTR™ Magnetic Back Brace provides powerful, natural pain relief for the lower back, helping back strains, back spasms, and sore aching muscles.

   The Magnetic Lower Back Support Braceis the great choice for sciatica, lower back pain relief and herniated disc pain relief.     It offers excellent support and helps to speed the natural healing process for lower back pain relief, sciatica, arthritis and herniated disc pain relief. Twenty-eight (28) powerful research grade magnets, inserted at precise locations, effectively penetrate over 4" to provide total coverage and saturation of the lumbar region. The Therion patented thermal regulation removes perspiration and excess heat so the support can be worn comfortably under a wide range of conditions. The 8" extended back section of the back support can be positioned facing up or down to provide additional coverage, depending on where your pain is. If your lower back is suseptable to problems, this support can help prevent further injury. Velcro closure easily adjusts for proper fit. Color: Black. Made in USA

Features of our Therion's Magnetic Lower Back Support:
   Large, 3/4" diameter x 1/4" thick, 4,300 gauss magnets - for deep penetrating relief and more rapid healing. The special research grade ceramic material and larger size of these magnets, produce magnetic fields that are up to 8X more effective than the ceramic magnets used in other supports and up to 3X more effective than the smaller neodymium magnets that some supports use.
Patented Therion Thermal Regulation System - Whether you're an athlete, a weekend warrior, or simply relaxing at home - This amazing "Smart Support" system provides unmatched comfort and support at any level of activity. By precisely controlling the movement of heat and perspiration, it dramatically increases wearability and user tolerance from only an hour or so, as with standard neoprene supports, to 24-hrs/day for an indefinite period for Emerson WorldWide supports.
Plush Inner Lining - is amazingly comfortable on the skin.

     If you have been injured on the job, or if you have an injury that requires a pain management product, in most cases, insurance companies will pay 80%-100% of costs of a Back Brace. We recommend that you contact your Insurance Company to verify your insurance coverage and ask for approval.

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