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Platinum MTR™ magnetic back support

   Therion's Platinum MTR™ magnetic back support provides the highest degree of pain relief for more serious conditions, like sciatica, arthritis, herniated discs, and recovery after surgery. It provides strong magnetic therapy and extra-wide coverage for the most effective relief of severe lower back discomfort.

  • Large, 36 large, powerful magnets (3/4" dia. x 1/4" thick),13,500 gauss (each) neodymium magnets for effective relief of severe lower back discomfort
  • Increases blood flow to relieve back strain, inflammation, swelling, stiffness, and spasm
  • Breathable neoprene provides all-day comfort. It can easily be worn 24/7, providing self-adaptive, breathable comfort.
  • Velcro adjustable fit and compression, provides an adjustable fit. Unique breathable design
  • Restores flexibility, and can significantly help speed up healing after injury or surgery.
  • The 8" high center section can be positioned with the curve facing up or down, providing additional coverage for back pain that is higher or lower on the spine
  • It can also be rotated to target pain radiating down the hip. Velcro closure

Back Pain Relief

Studies are finding strong magnetic fields can reduce pain directly. Nerve cells maintain a careful balance of electro-chemical ions. When injured, this balanced shifts, and the nerve becomes more positively charged, sending a pain signal to the brain. The bio-north, healing side of a magnetic is the negative polarity. This helps nerves restore nerves' electro-chemical balance, reducing pain signals, or even blocking them completely.

Improving Circulation & Healing

Strong magnetic fields have been proven to help the body regulate blood flow. The walls of capillary blood vessels either constrict or relax, depending on what response the body requires.

Relaxing capillaries increases blood flow. This delivers more oxygen, relieving muscle spasm and tension, and more nutrients, speeding up healing and cellular repair as much as 50%.

Reducing Inflammation

Constricting capillaries decreases blood flow. This reduces swelling after an injury or surgery, relieving pain and tenderness, and quickly fading bruises. As swelling is removed faster, the healing process can begin sooner.

The Platinum MTR back support can also help relieve pain from sciatica and herniated discs. With these conditions, inflammation puts pressure on nerves in the spine. Reducing inflammation helps relieve nerve-related symptoms, like sharp, shooting pains, burning, tingling, buzzing, and numbness.

Injury Prevention
To help prevent back strain and pain, wear the Platinum MTR back support just before and during any lifting, bending, repetitive, or strenuous activities that may cause back pain.

By increasing blood circulation, it helps pre-condition the lower back, much like warming up before exercise. With more oxygen muscles relax, aiding flexibility, and lessening the chance of muscle spasm.

The Platinum MTR back belt’s adjustable compression helps support the lumbar back too. It reduces strain while bending or lifting, without restricting movement.

Maximum Field Integration
The focused magnetic configuration used in all Platinum supports is called Maximum Field Integration®. It is an advanced method of biomagnetics developed by Therion to optimize magnetic field strength and effectiveness at deeper tissue depths. This technique ensures that muscles, bones and joints receive the correct amount of therapy for more substantial relief.

Compared to other supports, the research-grade magnets used by Therion are much larger and stronger. So strong that Therion supports cannot be constructed using all neodymium magnets, because their immense strength pulls them together! With greater mass (diameter, thickness) and ultra-high gauss ratings, Therion magnets provide maximum energy to the target area, producing more significant relief in less time.

Additional Benefits
Can wear during sports/exercise
Non-irritating, soft skin comfort
Weather-proof for outdoor use
Flexible compression

Maximum Penetration Depth 13½"
Effective Penetration Depth 7½"

Awarded Gold Medal, Back Health category, 2008 GearAwards™
(annual Sports, Health & Fitness product competition)
ESPN: The Magazine, December 2009

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     If you have been injured on the job, or if you have an injury that requires a pain management product, in most cases, insurance companies will pay 80%-100% of costs of a Back Brace. We recommend that you contact your Insurance Company to verify your insurance coverage and ask for approval.

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