Comparison of Terraquant SL50 and Pro and TQ Solo

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    TQ Solo Portable Lasler

More power in the Terraquant Pro (25,000 mW) provides slightly better penetration and reduction in treatment times. Please note that penetration and efficacy is not directly proportional to power. This means that just because you are using twice the power, you should get twice as good of an effect or twice the penetration. Body is full of different tissues, cells, etc. So, linearity and proportionality don't exist in the same format we know them in math.If first and foremost it is a questions of portability, if that is essential, then Solo is the winner. If the question is upgradeability - other emitters, flexibility - frequencies, the the Terraquant Pro is the choice as it has ports for other emitters.Both units have the 1000-3000Hz frequency. Its is called the VARiable on the TQsolo and its program #4 on the TerraQuant. Both can use the same probes.

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