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Single Magnetic Cuff  MSRP$ 68.95 Our Sale Price Only $65.00

   Our Magnetic Cuff TM was designed to fit just under the fetlock. It will give complete coverage of the pastern joint and upper hoof. Each MagCuff has 5 magnets. They are very good for high and low ringbone. Arthritis, fractures, low tendon problems, etc. The inside material, MPT, has the unique quality to absorb Sore No More and then slowly release it back onto the horses skin. Sore No More is the only liniment we recommend to use with the cuffs and bands. Other liniments could blister your horse. The “Horse Journal” veterinarian staff found that using Sore No More with our magnet cuffs and bands  increases the effectiveness of the magnets.

The difference between the Cuff and Bell Boots is that Bell Boots fit just above the coronet band and have 6 magnets in them. The bell boots do not cover the pastern joint. The Cuff covers the pastern joint and the hoof.
All boots have Velcro™ on and are made of breathable fabric
. Sold individually.


Single Magnetic Band MSRP $26.90
 Our Sale Price Only $ 24.95

  OurMagnetic Band TM was designed to fit around the pastern joint. It will help to increase the circulation within this joint. It is good for arthritis, high ringbone, fractures and tendon injuries, etc. The inside material has the unique quality to absorb Sore No More liniment and slowly release it onto the horses skin.
We highly recommend using Sore No More liniment with all our magnetic cuffs and bands products but NO Other Liniments. Magband contains 2 individual magnets. Sold individually.

Single Magnetic Cuff
$ 65 on Sale


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Single Magnetic Band Sale $24.95
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