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 Platinum Magnetic Knee                                                Support w/Stays

    The Platinum MTR™ magnetic knee brace provides maximum pain relief, fully adjustable compression, and superior support for knee instability.

The Platinum MTR knee brace is excellent for sports injuries, severe arthritis, post-surgical healing, sprains, torn cartilage, and other knee injuries causing weakness and pain in the knee joint.

The Platinum knee brace opens up completely, and can be put on when sitting or standing. Two Velcro straps provides fully adjustable compression above and below the knee, helping to reduce related muscle strain and pain.

Two spiral spring stays on each side of the brace provide greater stability while bending the knee and walking. (They will not restrict movement in any way.)
    This style is the best choice if you have difficulty pulling a support OVER the leg.
The Magnetic Knee Brace with Stays is designed for easy application. It opens up and securly wraps around the knee so you don't have to pull it up over your leg. It is great where there is also difficulty in bending the knee.

The Magnetic Knee Brace with Stays relieves symptoms of patellofemoral pain as seen with:

*      Runner's Knee (chondromalacia patella,Patellar Tendonitis Pain)
*      Sports Injuries
*      Stiffness
*      Arthritis
*      Infrapatellar Tendonitis
*      Osgood-Schlatter's disease
*      Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Benefits of Therion Magnetic Knee Brace with Stays:

*  Provides support for weak, sore, aching knees.
*  Relaxes Muscles, Cramps and Spasms
* Gives support to the knee muscles and ligaments while they regain strength after injury.

It is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear while working, or playing. It is hand- washable and should provide years of use.
* Specially magnetized to create a long-range magnetic field which permeates into many substances, including body tissues.

Magnetic Knee Brace with Stays Features:

* Contains Fourteen (14) Neodymium & ceramic magnets for severe knee pain relief, powerful research grade magnets, inserted at precise locations, penetrate completely through the knee to effectively relieve knee pain and reduce swelling.
Maximum Field Integration® technology - The most effective method known in biomagnetics to optimize magnetic field strength, maximize penetration depth, and provide complete saturation of the affected area.
Patented Thermal Regulation System - Whether you're an athlete, a weekend warrior, or simply relaxing at home - This amazing "Smart Support" system provides unmatched comfort and support at any level of activity. By precisely controlling the movement of heat and perspiration, it dramatically increases wearability and user tolerance from only an hour or so, as with standard neoprene supports, to 24-hrs/day for an indefinite period for these supports.

* 2 spiral stays for greater knee stability when walking
* 2 Velcro straps for adjustable compression and support
* Breathable neoprene for all-day comfort, even during exercise
* Opens up completely to be put on easier while sitting
Large, ¾" diameter x ¼" thick, 12,800 gauss neodymium magnets - for maximum effectiveness and faster acting relief.
* Padded knee - provides greater protection from further injury
* Popliteal cutout - prevents pinching behind the knee when walking.
* Plush Inner Lining - is amazingly comfortable on the skin.
* Made in USA

Testimonial: There were severe injuries to the left knee...destroyed cartilage, bone spurs in the knee joint...
   I was the front-seat passenger in a head-on auto collision in 1975. Among others, there were severe injuries to the left knee. Orthopedic assessment included deteriorated and destroyed cartilage, bone spurs in the knee joint, and knee movement that is essentially bone on bone.

Things were almost tolerable until 2004, when pain in the left knee became so severe as to prohibit walking without crutches and to make it almost impossible to sleep through the night. Physical therapy exercises help the knee function so walking is possible, but they did not relieve the sharp, ice-pick type pain.

I was unable to tolerate NSAID's like Naproxen or high-dosage aspirin. By chance, I heard a man comment that his wife had obtained a magnet support wrap for his knee problem and it helped. My reaction was "what did I have to lose?"

I located the Therion Research Platinum Knee Support and purchased it. Initially, I wore it all day, every day for a month. Now, I find that it is no longer necessary for me to use it continuously. At the first sign of pain in the knee, I wear the support for several hours. I do not experience the knee pain. I do not have to think about taking painkillers. I am able finally to get a good night's sleep. Joseph, Fort Worth, TX

"Before getting my knee brace i was unable to go up and down the stairs with out a lot of pain and doing basic house hold chores was difficult. Since I started using my knee brace life has gotten a lot easier because i am able to move around more without pain even when going up or down the stairs."
Maggie Jean, Charleston, SC

These knee supports will give you the relief you need to go about your daily tasks without a hurting knee! You may also want to read: "Effects of static magnets on chronic knee pain and physical function" a study Hinman MR, Ford J, Heyl H. at the Department of Physical Therapy, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, USA. Which concluded: "The application of static magnets over painful knee joints appears to reduce pain and enhance functional movement."
          If you have been injured on the job, or if you have an injury that requires a pain management product, in most cases, insurance companies will pay 80%-100% of costs of a Knee Brace. We recommend that you contact your Insurance Company to verify your insurance coverage and ask for approval.   Insurance Claim Info

International Orders/Online Ordering Information 
*Guass is a unit used to measure magnetic strength. Gauss ratings are certified by the International Magnetic Therapy Association.

Anisotropic magnets have a much stronger and more stable magnetic field then common, Isotropic magnets.This extra step makes all the difference. Magnetic material crystals, in powder form, are magnetized so they orient (face) the same direction. This maximizes their energy storing capacity.

The magnetized crystals are molded into solid blocks, which are then cut into individual magnets. The magnets are then magnetized a second time, which charges them to maximum capacity.

This double magnetizing process gives the magnet a stronger, more stable magnetic field, and makes the magnet Anisotropic.Common Isotropic magnets are magnetized only once, at the end of the manufacturing process.Because the powder was not magnetized before molding to orient the crystals, the magnets can't store as much energy and are weaker.

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