Magnetic Pad with choice of 3 sizes for the pad and 4 for the wrap!

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Magnetic Therapy and Wraps Pads in 3 Sizes to wear where you hurt, for effective pain and inflammation relief! We give you choices!  

    If your have difficulty bending, lifting, or twisting, we recommend our lower back support to help reduce muscle strain, and support the lower back.
Therion's Platinum™ magnetic therapy pads relieve pain and swelling faster than an ice pack or heating pad.
    Platinum magnetic body pads also improve blood circulation over the area they cover. This brings more oxygen and nutrients to damaged cells, and can speed up healing by as much as 50%.
Compact, lightweight, soft and flexible, Platinum magnetic pads can be comfortably used anywhere on the body for a wide range of ailments. Unlike an ice pack, there’s no annoying on-again, off-again treatment because of freezing cold temperatures.
    Platinum magnetic pads are excellent for bumps and bruises, muscle tension and spasms, headaches, minor burns, and even insect bites.
     You can use a Platinum magnetic pad for as long as you need, and conveniently take them anywhere you go.
     Easy-to-follow instructions included. All pads are bio-north facing the body, and clearly marked for proper use. Made in the USA.
When selecting a size, the magnetic pad should be larger, or close to the same size as the area it will be applied to.
     The award-winning Platinum™ magnetic back pad is one of the best options for lower back pain relief.
     The Advanced Biomagnetics® enhance blood circulation around the lower back. This increases oxygenation to muscles, aiding flexibility and reducing muscle spasm.
     The deep-penetrating magnetic fields of the back pads relieve pain reduce inflammation and nerve-related pain near the lumbar spine.They can be used anytime, under or over clothing, and allows full freedom of motion. It can easily be slipped into the waistband of your pants, or held in place with an elastic Comfort Wrap.
Comfort Wraps are sold separately according to your choice of size.

Platinum Magnet Pad
6" x 8" $87.95
Magnet Pad 5" x 7" $66.95
Magnet Pad 4" x 4" $43.95
Comfort Wraps are sold separately according to your choice of size.

Comfort Wraps™ are 3" wide, breathable elastic wraps. They hold Therion magnetic pads securely in place with a movable Velcro coin. The entire Comfort Wrap is Velcro compatible, and can be secured in any position for proper fit.

Breathable Comfort Wraps stay cool on the skin. A plush fabric lining provides soft skin comfort.

Comfort Wraps do not contain magnets. Therion magnetic pads are sold separately.

Comfort Wraps are available in the following lengths:

Available Lengths (all Comfort Wraps are 3" wide)
12" (about 17" stretched) $11.95
24" (about 34" stretched) $14.95
38" (about 52" stretched) $17.95
52" (about 72" stretched) $20.95

12 "Comfort Wrap $11.95 USA
24"Comfort Wrap $14.95 USA
38"Comfort Wrap $17.95 USA
52"Comfort Wrap $20.95 USA

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