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So Many Models, How Do I Choose the Right One for me?  It is important to note that all the models have medical-grade light emitting diodes (LEDs) and the wavelengths on each model penetrate to the same depth in your body.
Factors that will Help You Decide:
a)Number of LEDs in each model. The outcome will be the same pain relief, healing, and depth of penetration, but number of wavelengths penetrating your body at one time is what is different.
Configuration / Shape of the model. Handhelds are smaller, some are portable, hands-free, etc.
Treatment area size. Wraps / Pads have larger treatment areas. Less LEDs, less treatment area. Larger size, do not have to move and add more treatment sessions.
d)Amount of money you want to spend     NOTE: All our Light Therapy Products are safe for both Humans and Animals.

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  • Equine    Infrared /Red; Bio-Pulse Magnetic, and ICE Therapy
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