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15-Diode Infrared Therapy


15-Diode Infrared Therapy Unit SUPER SALE
 5 Wavelengths
Plus Switchable to Blue – VERSATILE!
3 Options
1. AC Power (Plug in Wall) $299.50 Now Only $199.50
DC Battery Powered $263.95
3. Both AC & Battery Powered $335.50


15 LEDS  with 5 Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) in one unit!  VERSATILE!  All but the Blue LEDs turn on together. The switch allows 3 Blue LEDs to turn on.

Great for all parts of the body, AND, you can use the Blue LEDs for small dogs and cats to give them relief from arthritis, or to help heal wounds!


15 Powerful LED’s.
5 infrared 950 nm
3 Reds 660 nm
3 Green 574 nm
1 Yellow 590 nm
and it can be switched to 3 Blues 465 nm

AC Powered
169.5 Mw of power.
Delivers 1 Joule in 3.0 seconds.
Includes carrying case

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1 AC Powered, 2 DC Battery powered, 3 Both AC/DC with Battery and Charger


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