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Vielight Brain NEURO Gamma and Alpha


Transcranial-intranasal Combination Light Therapy Systems

Based on the science of Photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy, it targets the entire brain by directing pulsed Near Infrared Light (NIR) LEDs to brain hubs to restore the biological system back to health.

2 Choices:  Neuro Alpha Pulse Rate     10 Hz
or                   Neuro Gamma Pulse Rate 40 Hz


Read the SPECIFICATIONS to see the differences in the Neuro Alpha and the Neuro Gamma.  These brain stimulations products are being used for treatment of:

* Stroke    * Dementia    * Traumatic brain injury    * Alzheimer’s    * Parkinson’s

* Mental Acuity   * Overall Brain Functionality

All show improvement when Near Infrared (NIR) light energy is delivered to the appropriate areas of the brain, without significant side effects. In addition, lab animals recover from neuro-degenerative diseases as well.

NIR energy should theoretically reach targeted locations at immediate locations on the line of sight of the NIR beams. The depth of penetration varies between different individuals

 Infrared Light is a powerful holistic whole-brain approach with a low power system that is affordable, portable and easy to use.No claim has been made for a cure, and results vary between users. They have not been evaluated as medical devices by regulatory authorities. Link to more information at: Intranasal Brain Stimulation-potential 

This is a powerful holistic whole-brain approach with a low power system that is affordable, portable and easy to use.The 40 Hz-pulse rate of the Neuro Gamma correlates with EEG gamma brain wave entrainment, which has a strong effect on memory and cognition enhancement. This pulse rate differs from the 10 Hz pulse rate of the Neuro Alpha which has an overall effect on neuronal health for maintenance and normal functioning brains.

Infrared Neural Stimulation (INS) is steadily gaining traction in the field of neuroscience and its safety and efficacy have been well documented.

Brain hubs are targeted with: 

* 4 cluster heads in chosen transcranial areas (located on the skull)

* and one Intranasal diode to deliver infrared light energy to the targeted network hubs.

Neurons are cells that contain mitochondria.
By utilizing the science of photobiomodulation to energize neuronal mitochondria, this triggers a cascade of beneficial cellular events. Some potential effects are : neuroprotective effects, self-repair mechanisms and enhanced function.

 Although the Neuro is based on peer-reviewed research, direct clinical data based on the Vielight Neuro is pending. Until these studies are completed, we cannot predict medical outcomes with certainty although photobiomodulation with the incorporated parameters are known to be safe for human use. Hence no medical claim is made by the company.





10Hz, 40Hz



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