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DPL II Panel Deep Penetrating Light®

$399.00 $335.00

Deep Penetrating Light (DPL II) for Pain Relief


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PAIN Relief for: Entire body, Neuropathy, knee, foot, back wrist, Neuralgia, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Tendonitis, and more! PLUS: Anti-Aging. Drape or lay the panels over any part of your body

Shoulder – Foot – Back Spine – Lumbar Area – Knee – Arm


* 192 Medical-Grade LEDs

* 96 880 nm Invisible Infrared LEDs

* 32 660 nm Dark Red LEDs

* 32 630 nm Light Red LEDs

* 32 660 nm Amber LEDs

* Produces 4 Joules Of Energy Per cm2

* CLASS II Medical Device for Professional & Home

*Surface-mounted LEDs (less bulky)* FDA-Cleared

  • Engineered based on NASA® Researched

  • Hands-Free Application

  • No Damaging Heat or UV Light Rays

  • AC/DC Power Supply, both plug-in and battery

  • OTC Class II Medical

  • Non-invasive and no side effects

  • NO UVA or UVB light

  • Portable, lightweight, and travels with ease.

  • Can be used for animal injuries, sore hips, and post-surgical healing.



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