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56 LEDs Infrared/Red Light For Humans and/or Animals


Treat Yourself and/or your Pets – Versatile, Powerful,
with Easy Strap Handle

3 Choices: 
56 LEDs AC (wall plug) $ 275
Battery Powered w/Charger $350
Both AC and Battery w/Charger  


The 56 LED model has a convenient strap to slip your hand in for ease o treatment. The black carrying case keeps it safe and handy to carry. 

HUMAN USES: The 56 LED size, 4 3/4″ x 3″, makes it convenient for treating small areas of the body: knee, foot, hand, ankle, wrist. For larger areas, the 190 LED covers a much more area.

Animal Uses: The small size is great for cats, and small dogs.

Infrared LED’s (950 nm)
* 30 Red LED’s (660 nm)
Dimensions: 4 3/4″x 3″

* Hard Carrying Case
* 1-Year Warranty


1 56 LED AC(plug in wall)Powered, 2 56 LED DC – Battery Powered, 3 BOTH 56 LED AC & DC with a Battery & Charger

Which User Guide?

Human Manual, Animal Manual, Both Manuals


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