Emerson WorldWide Infrared Light Therapy for Pain Management – See our SALE Specials!

190 LEDs Ultimate Infrared Light


  190 LEDs, Infrared and Red Light Therapy

Powerful, Versatile, Pain Relief, Healing Light Therapy

 3  Power Choices:
AC Wall Plug $ 495

with Battery w/Charger $545

BOTH AC and Battery $625

and Add Switchable to Blue $100 


Additional $100 for Switchable to Blue LED

What is Light Therapy?

190 LEDs Ultimate Infrared/Red Light Therapy
This is ULTIMATE because it is our most VERSATILE Infrared / Red unit!

It is Versatile because:

  • Handy strap for ease of use  
  • Can be used for Human as well as Animal Treatment 
  • 3 Choices of Power Options – AC (Plug in Wall); DC Battery Powered; AC/DC Both
  • Plus, you can had a switch that provides 5 Blue lights for topical bacteria, acne, and small animals

Utilized in the treatment of:

All body pain
Helps healing process of  Wounds
Helps prevent Formation of Scar Tissue
Helps Reduce Swelling
Stimulates Acupuncture Points
Helps Eliminate Post-Event Soreness
Increases blood circulation
Ease Sore Feet and Muscle

Helps Relieve Pain and Disability in degenerative osteo-arthritis of the knee 

Animal Health: See the Tab Above

3 Power Options:

1. AC, plug in the wall
2. DC, battery powered
3. Both AC and DC – includes battery charger 

And, you can add a Switch that turns on Only 5 Blue LEDs with either of the above 2 choices for an additional $100

190 LEDs System Includes:

  • Hard Case
  • “Infrared Therapy” booklet which displays all the positions on the body for pain disorders and where to treat each

AC, DC Battery, Both AC/DC

Which User Guide?

Human, Horse, DogChart, All Guides

Cat, Dog, Horse Treatment

Pets: Cats, Dogs, and Horses

190 Animal LEDs Treat hip dysplasia, arthritis, muscle, tendon or ligament injury, and old-age stiffness and soreness, and give comfort and relieve the pains in the joints and muscles and improve circulation in your pets naturally, in a safe, Specify the Manual:

Click on the Contact link to send message regarding if you want the Dog Chart, or Equine Manual, or Human Manual, or all 3. If not specified, the Human Manual is sent. 

Dog Acupressure Chart

Equine Infrared Treatment: 



* 93 Red LED’s (660 nm)

* 97 Near Infrared (NIR) LED’s (950 nm) 
Total = 190 Medical Grade LEDs
  * Power output: 3201.7 mw, 1 Joule = 4.2 Seconds
Dimensions: 7 “x 4” 
 1-Year Warranty


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