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Equine MagnaCu Magnetic-Copper Blanket


Equine Magnetic and Copper Therapy Blanket
A combination of strategically placed magnets on major acupuncture meridians and points, with copper infused fabric mesh in the blanket portion.  Helps reduce:  incidents of colic, muscle soreness, incidents of stomach ulcers, aids in respiratory problems,  and better digestion in your horse.

What  does the Magnet Cu Equine Blanket do for your Horse?

  • promote oxygenation of tissues
  • wound repair
  • tissue repair
  • fight infection
  • reduce fluid retention
  • support biological healing
  • reduce inflammation
  • normalize acid base balance
  • relieve/stop pain and other symptoms
  • aid in reducing calcium deposits
  • promote growth of healthy tissue
  • help relieve soreness
  • facilitate recovery
  • are odor resistant
  • are made of fabric that wicks away moisture
  • reduce heat and provide cooling


    Our MagnaCu Blanket is designed to keep your horse fully balanced with our strategically placed magnets on major acupuncture meridians and points. The mesh portion of the blanket is copper infused fabric. This combination provides soothing delivery of magnetic therapy and copper therapy. The blanket addresses the major muscle groups, as well as the stomach and lung meridians. Great for those sore muscles as well as the finicky eater and bleeder. Whether you are going on a short or long trip, this magnetic horse blanket gives you the confidence that your horse is ready to compete when you arrive. Our blanket is made of a copper infused mesh which is cool in the summer or can be used under a winter blanket when the temperatures drop. The magnets we use are Grade 8 Ceramic unipolar. Remember this is the only magnetic/copper horse blanket designed to keep your horse going down the road.

Blanket features closed front, elastic leg straps, and contoured fit.
Email us the size you need. 74, 76,78,80,82,84,86

Measuring Horse

Measuring Your Horse for the MagnaCu Blanket

Please measure your horse before ordering. From center of chest around point of the shoulder to the center of tail in inches. Using hay string tied together, marking, then take a tape measure to it for a measurement. This will give a proper fit. If it is an odd number round up.

Please make sure that you order the correct size. Please do not go off of another blanket company’s blanket size.





The only warranty on our products is a 30-day manufacturer defect warranty.

Copper Technology

About Copper Technology

In developing CuHorse™, PHT set out not to duplicate what was already available in the marketplace for our equine partners, but rather to develop a unique product that is consistent in quality, readily available, and possesses improved attributes for safety and effectiveness. CuTec29® has documented the efficacy and safety of the Copper CuTec29® proving it inhibits bacteria and promotes angiogenesis and tissue repair (which only copper ions can achieve, not silver). Copper oxide is at the heart of CuTec29®. The PERMANENT Copper Ion Technology is incorporated into the fiber matrix providing every piece of CuHorse™ with ENHANCED Copper Ion Technology benefits.

The CuHorse products are an important part of routine maintenance, providing a healing environment for ligaments, tendons, bone, skin, and blood vessels, along with wound healing. Because of the effectiveness of the microbial action of copper, scratches and rain rot can be treated more easily. Thrush, bruised heels, contracted heels, and many other hoof ailments can be helped with the CuHorse™ Bell Boots. CuHorse helps leg wounds become more manageable and help with quicker healing times. Ocomplete leg wear in the very near future.


Benefits of CuHorse™

• Helps Relieve Soreness

• Facilitates Recovery

• Odor Resistant

• Fabric Wicks Away Moisture

• Reduces heat and provides cooling

Recent studies yielded new information on the structure, function, and regulation of copper transporters, uncovered unanticipated functions for copper chaperones, and established connections between copper homeostasis and other metabolic pathways. At PHT we are believers in what homeostasis can do for the body and are constantly striving to provide the horse owner with therapy that helps establish this harmony.


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