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Magnet Gloves 4Pain


Magnet Gloves4Pain
Relief for Sore, Aching, Painful Hands
Magnetic Therapy and Hand Alignment

Stiff arthritic fingers, thumbs, and knuckles prevent you from doing your ordinary daily tasks without pain. Painful, hurting hands, stiff joints, and throbbing palms can make your life miserable.


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Gloves4PainhandlogoThe Meridian Glove utilizes scientifically designed medical magnets, in tandem with the latest in yoga hand-stretching techniques, to increase circulation, boost hand health, accelerate healing, and rejuvenate your tired hands. What enables them to relieve pain? The gloves have two very important design features:

1. Magnetic Therapy
The magnets are Bioflex® Magnets which are manufactured specifically and exclusively for medical use.They offer concentric circle magnets, providing a unique magnetic field configuration that aligns the ions in your blood stream to increase circulation.This extra blood flow accelerates healing, reduces pain, and rejuvenates your hand, and ensures the optimum magnetic field to the problem area.These magnets provide an unique magnetic field configuration that aligns the ions in your blood stream to increase circulation.

BIOflex® Concentric Circle Magnet has been Clinically Proven to:
*Reduce Pain      *Accelerate Healing      *Improve Circulation

Magnets are commonly recommended for chronic pain conditions including:

  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Sprains & strains
  • Sports Injuries
  • Wrist Pain
  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Overuse Syndrome
  • Elbow Pain
  • Swelling

2. Hand Alignment
The Fusion of Hand Alignment with the magnets! The Meridian Gloves® have a unique design of straps.

The straps work by gently holding your hands straight to allow for maximum blood flow. By holding your hands straight the gloves work to counteract the constant “C” shape we all keep our hand in. Just minutes a day are all you need to heal and maintain the two most important things you own, your hands.
The magnetic field causes the blood vessels to dilate, increasing circulation, thus accelerating the natural healing process. This also reduces swelling, a major source of musculoskeletal pain.

     Our hands are the first to reflect your health and age. Improving blood circulation to your hands can extend their durability and aid in keeping your hands young and healthy.
Without harmful side effects, or inconvenient exercises that can cause hand pain, you can maintain your hand health, increase your energy, and reduce stress with the Meridian Glove. Just 20 minutes a day is all you need. You can even wear them while you sleep for extra effectiveness!

Texting Injuries
Studies by Virgin Records reported that 3.8 million mobile phone users in the UK suffer hand pain from texting injuries. Being dubbed as Texting Tendonitis by some, texting injuries are becoming common as we embrace technology. Quality of life in the future will quite literally rest in the palms your hands. Maintaining your hand health will maintain your quality of life.

Don’t take our word for it. Just ask the people that use the Meridian Glove Everyday. People from all walks of life are using the Meridian Glove to increase circulation, accelerate healing, and rejuvenate their hands.

“I feel so good after wearing my gloves. My hands don’t ache anymore.” – Heather R.

“..as soon as I put the gloves on, I feel a tingle; thats how I know they’re working!” – Sabine M.

“My hands look and feel so much younger.. they feel soft and supple.. it’s amazing what these gloves do…” – Misty R.

“I tell everybody about the gloves.. my friends are probably sick of me going on about them, but they really work..” – Olivia P.

“I’ve tried the bracelets, the rings, nothing worked. The first night I wore the gloves I was hooked.”- Anne S.

“..not only do my hands feel better, but I’m calmer and more focused. They should be called Zen Gloves”- Mike J.

“In Washington, it’s cold…really cold. My hands are always aching and stiff. These gloves are the real deal.”- Nick W.

“I think anyone who has hand pain would welcome relief without the need for medications.”- Tracy J


Junior/ Petite, Small/Medium, Lg/X-Large


What can I expect to feel the benefits?

Some people experience relief the very first time they wear the Meridian Glove. Others may see results over the course of a week. Just minutes a day are all you need, customers often wear them while they sleep.

How many magnets are in each glove?
See the image on the left. The gloves have one Long magnet running along the underside of each finger and two along the palm for a total of six magnets in each glove.

How strong are the magnets?
The magnets are rated at 600 gauss but penetrate much deeper than most magnets that have higher gauss ratings. BIOflex® magnets have the ability to “reach” into the tissues of the body at a greater depth than other magnetic designs. The feature of alternating poles of variable width ensures that the magnetic field will “reach” further away from the surface of the magnet than will the magnetic field of a magnet whose poles are closer together. BIOflex® magnets are designed to provide the proper gauss deep within the tissues.

What sizes does the Meridian Glove come in?

The Meridian comes in 3 crossover sizes: Junior/Petite, Small/Medium, and Large/Extra Large. Please click here to see our sizing chart.

How far back should I extend my fingers?

The hand should be perfectly flat when the straps are pulled back. The straps are adjustable to allow for a more comfortable experience. Just do what is comfortable to you. Gradually you will notice your hands feeling better and better each day.

How do the BioFlex® Medical Magnets work?

The magnetic field causes the blood vessels to dilate, increasing circulation, thus accelerating the natural healing process.

Are all Medical Magnets the same?

NO! These are not refrigerator magnets-these are medical magnets! BIOflex® is the ORIGINAL magnet manufactured specifically and exclusively for human medical use. Only BIOflex® offers concentric circle magnets, guaranteeing accurate alignment with the affected blood vessels. This revolutionary patented technology ensures the deepest penetration of the magnetic field to the affected area.BIOflex® is the only medical magnet with sound, scientific proof of its effectiveness.

Why are the thumbs not covered?

The thumbs are left free to allow for ease of use when putting on the gloves. To apply to the thumbs simply loosen the finger straps and hold thumb area with the opposite hand. This will apply the power of all six magnets to the thumb for optimum results.

I am pregnant. Will the magnets affect my baby?

The induction of an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is usually about two to three Tesla, about twenty to thirty thousand Gauss. Use of MRI during pregnancy is considered safe for the developing fetus. This demonstrates the level of confidence with which one can use BIOflex® products which range from 300 to 800 Gauss.

I have a pacemaker. Can I use the magnets?

Since the magnetic fields may interfere with the switching mechanism in a pacemaker, use of any magnetic products near this device is not recommended.

My husband/wife/partner has a pacemaker. If I use the magnets, will it affect him/her?

As long as the magnets do not come in direct contact with the area that the pacemaker is in, it is safe to use the magnets with caution. However, use of mattress overlays and/or car seats is not recommended.

Can I use the magnets around my computer and other electronic equipment?

The magnets can be used around the computer and other electronic office equipment with care. Do not place magnets directly on computer. Do not let magnets come in contact with credit cards or other cards that utilize a magnetic strip for scanning, video, etc.

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