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Vielight 810 Intranasal Brain Photobiomodulation


Vielight 810 Intranasal Delivers 810-nm near infrared light energy, pulsed at 10-Hz

The effects are comparable to a Vitamin for the Brain.Designed for portability and ease-of-use. The parameters are similar to the Neuro Alpha but this device directs light energy only through the nasal cavity at a lower power density.

Additional Applicator for another family member

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Additional 810 Applicator

             Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Infraraed Intranasal Brain

The Vielight 810 light points as shown in graphic, in the nasal cavity, it requires little energy for effective irradiation through this physical air pathway to reach the brain. Prefrontal Cortex, so important in memory tasks, is easily illuminated by the light source.

The nasal cavity is rich with blood capillaries. There are five major arteries that connect to the nasal cavity. It is known to have more capillaries per sq cm than even the brain and most organs of the body. Given the rich supply of blood and the thin, permeable membrane that separates blood from the exterior in the nasal cavity, this area is an excellent spot for blood irradiation. Being just 3 inches from the brain, with little barrier, it is also an excellent source for direct brain stimulation.  

Alzheimer’s Patient, Meet Rudy: By Kitty chan on February 21, 2015 (February, 2018, Daughter says, “Rudy is good. He is still amazing with the Neuro Gamma and the 810.” She is super grateful.)Below see Rudy before Alzheimer’s–robust and happy. Then in second photo, not communicating, last photo shows him happy again after his Intranasal Light Treatments.
  Alzheimers Patient

This is Rudy, he is 83 years old. In 2014, he was diagnosed as having “significant cognitive impairment” and not allowed out of the house unaccompanied. Today, he drives to the shops on his own. His is one of several cases of Alzheimer patients that use the Vielight 810.
 ” This is the most important product I have purchased in my entire life. At 37 I started showing signs of serious forgetfulness. My doctor said my circulation was not good and asked me if I closed all my windows. He said I needed more oxygen. I now go to the gym and make sure I get fresh air in the house and when I drive. I take omega 3 gotu kola and gingko. All of these items had helped me but I was still forgetful. It was getting very scary. I couldn’t remember simple tasks, what my next appointment was, turning off the fire.

I thought I’m just too busy that’s why I cant keep up with memorizing whats going on. One day I needed my cell phone number and forgot my number. I got really really scared. At that moment I new something was wrong with my brain. I felt scared what if I have dementia, alzheimers at an early age? who is going to take care of my children? Am I going to be sent to a home. Will I lost my freedom mobility? I felt so hurt and desperate and started looking for everything that would help with brain memory improvement and came across the vielight. It was a lot of money but because I felt so extremely desperate I decided to give it a try. I thought whats money if you loose your ability to perform or work? So I got this item. It didn’t work the first 3 days. I was still vey forgetful. About 2 weeks I noticed I seemed to be working in tune with my schedule.

A month later my 8 year old came to me and said mom your’re not forgetful Jones no more ( The sesame street forgetful character) Good job she said. I felt a teary moment. I could function again. My lack of memory was no more and was not causing pain in my families life. I decided to post my review hoping this can save someone who has the same issues has me.”

Clinical Studies support that Intranasal Light Therapy improves many conditions including:

Alzheimer’s Disease   Parkinson’s Disease  High Blood Pressure  Sleep Disorders

Dementia  Internal Pain  Stroke  Depression

View video:This is part of a documentary that ran on the Discovery channel and Fox News channel. This documentary features a Canadian woman, Liz Burnett, whose father with Alzheimer’s disease has benefited from intranasal light therapy.


Light Source: Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
Wavelength: 810 nm Infrared
In Pulse Mode: 10 Hz Pulse. This frequency is associated with neural oscillation in the alpha state. In a Harvard Study, this draws the greatest neurological healing in traumatized brains, and helps release calming chemicals in the brain.
Maximum Power: 13 mW/cm2
Power Source: 1 Disposable AA battery.
Duration: 25 minutes per treatment session
Treatment Frequency: Daily
Warranty: One-year manufacturer’s warranty
Returns: Your purchases are backed by a 6-months no-question-asked-money-back guarantee (less 20% of retail price for restocking, and cost of original Free Shipping) of the device does not improve your condition.NOTE: Vielight 810 products not purchased from Official, Authorized Distributors, will not be covered by the manufacturer Warranty, or 6 months return.
Delivery: Estimated delivery time is 7 to 14 days to most parts of the world

Brain flow to the Nasal Cavity is higher than blood flow to the brain, liver of muscle.
Reference: Chien, Y.W., K.S.E. Su, and S.F. Chang, Chapter 1: Anatomy and Physiology of the Nose. Nasal Systemic Drug Delivery, 1989. Dekker, New York: p. 1-26.

810 treatments

The  Vielight 810 is a non-laser intranasal light therapy model. Engineered for gentle brain stimulation. The 810nm near infrared wavelength enables photonic transmission past the intranasal channel to the deep ventral brain areas. Our intranasal devices combine solid state technology along with intranasal diodes built from transparent high impact polycarbonate to ensure quality and durability, turning this into a lifetime investment.

Note for users
– Near-infrared photons are nearly invisible to the naked eye, making the beam appear much dimmer than it actually is. Additionally, the beam is pulsed at 10 Hz.
– Sleepiness is a common side effect of using this device due to the pulse rate correlating with alpha brain waves and neuronal stimulation.

  • Vielight 810 User Guide | Link


Scientific Presentation 2014:Click here to see North American Association of Light Therapy Conference 2014

Click on the following Links for more information:

Science and Evidence
Science and evidence from clinical investigations into low level light therapy support intranasal light therapy. Practitioners can request a 200-page book on the technology through the contacts provided on this website.

  • 3080 scientific papers on Low Level Light Therapy have been officially published to date. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=lllt+laser
  • Numerous top-ranking universities and organizations, including Stanford University, Harvard Medical School, Boston University and NASA are conducting research in the field of Low Level Light Therapy and photomedicine.
  • Much more information and articles are available at our group’s research company’s website – Mediclights Research Inc.
  • Medical Disclaimer:
    Devices and services offered at Emerson Worldwide, are not substitutes for regular medical care, for medical assistance and treatment, see your medical doctor, or alternate health care professional. Emerson WorldWide’s products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.
  • NOTE: Vielight Products not purchased from Official, Authorized Distributors, will not be covered by the manufacturer’s Warranty.



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