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Treating Brain Function and Health with Intranasal Light Therapy

Emerson WorldWide is an Authorized Dealer of the Vielight Intranasal Light Therapy brain products  which employ a nasal device that attaches to the inside of the nostril, emitting wavelengths of photon energy into the bountiful network of capillaries inside the nasal cavity. The Neuro Brain products also have diodes to cover the head to reach the entire brain.


Intranasal 810 System    and            Vielight Alpha / Gamma Neuro

This simple, non-invasive treatment benefits the entire body. Intranasal Light Therapy (or intranasal photobiomodulation) is a way to introduce the therapeutic effects of near infrared light(NIR) into the body through the nasal channel. The process is engineered to enable its therapeutic effects to reach brain functions.

The Near Infrared Light (NIR) is specifically targeted for the entire brain with 810 nanometers penetration directly and deeply into the brain, via a nasal cavity. It is engineered to pulse at 10 Hz, or 40 Hz, which has been associated with brain oscillation in alpha state. In studies, this has shown great neurological healing in traumatized brains and helps to release certain calming chemicals in the brain.

Scientific research has demonstrated that photobiomodulation of various forms stimulate cells to achieve homeostasis. Collectively, the effect is systemic. Energy medicine methods recognize the importance of this balance to strengthen wellness and the quality of life.
Many regular users have reported elevated levels of wellness. No claim has been made for a cure, and results vary between users. They have not been evaluated as medical devices by regulatory authorities

How Does Intranasal Light Work?

The photon emissions are absorbed by red blood cells in the capillaries, inducing photobiomodulation. This leads to healthier more robust red blood cells which then travel all over the body, resulting in better whole body health.

What is photobiomodulation?

At the cellular level, visible red and near infrared light energy stimulates cells to generate more energy and undergo self-repair. In the visible region, when a photon is absorbed by a molecule, the electrons of that molecule are raised to a higher energy state. This excited molecule must then lose its extra energy by re-emitting a photon of longer wavelength(i.e, less energy), as in fluorescence or phosphorescence, or it can lose energy by undergoing photochemistry. Photobiological responses are the result of a chemical and photophysical changes produced by the absorption of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation.

Is it safe?

Based on the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) information sheets for medical devices, low level light therapy devices are categorized as “non-significant risk” products. After more than three decades of research there are no known major side effects attached to these light therapies.

The devices have been tested for electrical safety and rendered safe. It consumes and generates less energy than most consumer electronic devices, and the energy cannot be felt by a normal person. The company does not make any claim for long-term cures although the evidence shows that regular use may improve the user’s quality of life. All evidence has been based on actual available data with these devices and/or published evidence based on other tests based on similar parameters and scientific bases

Reported Side Effects for First-Time Users

– Tiredness (temporary) – probably due to the release of metabolites but the majority report a resurgence of energy
– Headaches (temporary) – from the reactivation of neural connections and increased microcirculation
– Dry throat (temporary) – from the stimulation of renal functions

Contraindications  Over 40 years of accumulated scientific studies on low level light therapy reveal no major contraindication.