Infrared Light Therapy Boot

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Infrared Therapy Boot covers your entire foot!
And, the pads are removable and can be used on other parts of your body!

Two Choices:
        1 Boot Wrap with 3 Pads & Controller,

     MSRP:$695.50 Now on Sale Only  595


 2 Boot Wraps with 4 Pads & Controller $850  


Infrared Light Therapy Boots for Neuropathy and Foot Pain Relief
 Diabetic Foot, Sprains, Heel Spurs, Plantar Faciitis, Inflammation

Infrared Light Therapy uses the same technology NASA uses aboard the Space Shuttle, and the same technology used by the NAVY Seals!  Infrared Light Therapy technology is  FDA  Cleared for temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches and pains, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue and temporary increase of local blood circulation.

Great Option:  The Red/NIR Pads can be used outside the boot wrap, and placed on your back, knee, shoulder. Versatile and Practical. See the Other Application tab to see photos. 

Purchase a Single Infrared Boot, or Two(2) Infrared Boots

Infrared Therapy  1 Boot System Includes:

1- Boot to place the pads in
3- 54 LED Red/Infrared pads. Dimensions: 3″ x 7″; Power output: 1152.2 mW 1 Joule = 2.3 Seconds
Total LEDs = 162
Each pad has 30 Red 660nm LEDS and 24 Near Infrared 950 nm LEDs(Invisible to human eye)

Infrared Therapy  2 Boots Kit Includes:

2- Boot Wraps to place the pads in
4- 54 LED Red/Infrared pads. Dimensions: 3″ x 7″; Power output:1152.2  mW 1 Joule = 2.3 Seconds
Total LEDs = 216
Each pad has 30 Red 660nm LEDS and 24 Near Infrared 950 LEDs (invisible to human eye)

Both options Include:

* AC Switchbox with 4 output power port supply
* Carry Case
* Straps – 
Pads may be removed from boot and used in other areas of your body
* “Infrared  Light Therapy” booklet which displays all the positions on the body for pain disorders and where to treat each
1-Year Warranty

Happy Customer“I purchased the boot 18 months ago.  I went from taking 900mg of pain pills for my neuropathy to only 100mg.!”
Barnett, 2017

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