NOTE: Infrared Therapy products are used for both Humans and Animals. Below are Human testimonials. You will see the power of our products from these testimonials! To read the Animal Testimonials, click here.

“My uses of infrared Therapy:

* Whenever I wake up with a sore muscle I put my Infrared Light unit on where the muscle connects
to the bone for about 20 minutes. 20 minutes or so later the pain is gone permanently.
* Whenever poison ivy breaks out I use the unit. It disappears overnight. It does not
work well if the poison ivy gets into the blood stream.
* Heals cuts quickly. Deep gashes take longer.
* I had a smashed clavicle repaired by adding a piece of stainless steel. I used the unit
while I was in the hospital for a couple of days. I never needed pain killers as there
was no pain. 10 days later I went back to get the stitches out. The MD was amazed that
there was no hematoma or swelling. The MD expected I would not be able to use the
arm for 3 months. One month after surgery I went back for an x-ray and the MD said I
was totally healed. He was again amazed.
* While in the hospital the woman next to me had tremendous pain in her back because of a spinal tap. I used my unit on her ro 20 minutes and she was cured. Another woman who was heavy had a full cast on her leg. She moved it around a lot while in bed and ended up with tremendous stomach pain. I treated it and, as it was muscle soreness, the pain went away.
My mother was in fetal position for months after stroke not very responsive to us at all. The doctors were treating her feet with different medicines none were working. On the third of September they told us they would need to cut her legs off at the knees. When I told my brother about this, Bill who lives in Canada, was said lets get a light to use on her feet. I called Emerson WorldWide an order for the Infrared Holistic Pro 40 and started that day treating mom’s feet twice a day. She had proud flesh all the way from the heel to the ankle. Mom became responsive an could talk an crack jokes with us. By thanksgiving the wound was down to the size of a half dollar nice a clean no black scab, you could not tell that there had been a problem on either foot. The doctors were amazed at the results, watched what I did and said keep it up, but when I offered the light to others they said they could not use for fear of being sued an I known of several that have had their legs cut off that this could have helped. I used it on my knees an shoulder an it worked great. Thanks again for such a great tool.”  Bert Olsen Just a farmer from Texas

Wound Healing
The most amazing new use for Infrared Light Therapy is in the area of Diabetic Neuropathy and wound healing. One of our customers called and said they had a relative in Texas that has diabetic neuropathy with a large wound on her leg. Her leg was already black and the Doctors were ready to amputate. The person had been using our product on her horses. She told the Doctor to let them use the lights on the relative
for one week and if there was no improvemnt then they could amputate the leg. After one week the leg was already turning pink and the wound was decreasing. After one month the leg was back to normal color and the wound was almost gone. This therapy could save thousands of legs worldwide. Of course at this time the FDA will not let anyone legally advertise it for this use since no products have been approved for this particular use yet.
An expert team of marine mammal veterinarians, medical researchers, cosmetic surgeons and dolphin trainers recently joined forces to apply the latest advances in human regenerative medicine in an attempt to restore a bottlenose dolphin’s damaged dorsal fin. Dr. Melyni Worth of Thor Laser & LED Therapy, in reference to the treatment for Liko, the dolphin, states:
“Liko’s Light Emitting Diode (LED) therapy treatments began in September with equipment donated by Dr. Worth. LED wavelengths are longer than laser light and penetrate deeper to increase energy metabolism at the cellular level. Liko is the first known marine mammal to receive LED therapy for tissue regeneration and the results to date are promising. “
“His recovery since the start of LED work is excellent,” said Dr. Worth. “It was a big turnaround for him. Before the LED work he was looking a little worrisome. Liko’s story absolutely holds promise for other dolphins and other species, and most of all for humans. In Europe, LED/laser therapy is fairly well appreciated for the treatment of wounds in humans, but has been fairly slow coming to the U.S., and has only just been
given any kind of clearance for human use here,” she continued.
Though LED light is three times brighter than the sun, the medical treatment wands are cool to the touch, highly portable to use and do not damage skin of dolphins or humans. Thermal imagery revealed patterns of increased vascular development in Liko’s dorsal fin and more rapid healing following application of localized LED therapy.

” I am amazed at what the Infrared Light Therapy has done for my pain. I woke up one morning with terrible ankle pain, I could not even walk. I was going to visit the doctor the next day if the pain was still there. I had recently purchased the Infrared Light Therapy and have to admit I was a little skeptical. I used the Infrared Light Therapy that evening and the pain just disappeared. In the past I have tried various treatment for pain
including drugs, stimulators and therapy , but the Infrared Light Therapy is the only product that gave me immediate relief. Thank you so much for your fantastic product.  I am recommending it to all of my friends.” E.E. Ulysses, Kansas

“I have used my Infrared Light Therapy in my practice to treat patients with TMJ (Jaw
Pain). Sometimes these patients cannot even open their mouth enough for us to work
on their teeth. Since I have been using the Infrared Light Therapy my patients can not
only open their mouths farther but it also relieves their pain associated with this
problem. You have a wonderful product, keep up the good work. PS. It also works great
on my back pain. Send me one of your professional models C.O.D. when you come out
with them.” Dr. I.W. Gainesville, Florida, Dentist