190 LEDs Ultimate Infrared Light

Regular price $495.00

  190 LEDs, Infrared and Red Light Therapy

Powerful, Versatile, Pain Relief, Healing Light Therapy

 Three Power Choices:
AC Wall Plug $ 495

Battery with Charger $545

Both AC and Battery 

*Add Switchable to Blue Light Option $100 



What is Light Therapy?

190 LEDs Ultimate Infrared/Red Light Therapy
This is ULTIMATE because it is our most VERSATILE Infrared / Red unit!

It is Versatile because:

  • Handy strap for ease of use  
  • Can be used for Human as well as Animal Treatment 
  • 3 Choices of Power Options – AC (Plug in Wall); DC Battery Powered; AC/DC Both
  • Plus, you can had a switch that provides 16 Blue lights for topical bacteria, acne, and small animals

Utilized in the treatment of:

All body pain
Helps healing process of  Wounds
Helps prevent Formation of Scar Tissue
Helps Reduce Swelling
Stimulates Acupuncture Points
Helps Eliminate Post-Event Soreness
Increases blood circulation
Ease Sore Feet and Muscle

Helps Relieve Pain and Disability in degenerative osteo-arthritis of the knee 

3 Power Options:

1. AC, plug in the wall
2. DC, battery powered
3. Both AC and DC – includes battery charger 

And, you can add a Switch that turns on Only 16 Blue LEDs with either of the above 2 choices for an additional $100

190 LEDs System Includes:

  • Hard Case
  • “Infrared Therapy” booklet which displays all the positions on the body for pain disorders and where to treat each